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Where's The Love? The Game's Most Under Appreciated Players Part 1

Hello, Hoop Junkies!

Before we move on, I've got to clarify some things about my article (before the lovely readers of the internet are outraged by my decisions, and light my jersey on fire.)

We all know what underrated is, and we have a good idea which players in the NBA fall in that category (Sorry Kobe and Lebron, you've got to sit this one out today.) For example, LaMarcus Aldridge was highly underrated this year, missing the All Star Game despite averaging 22 and 10, and carrying the legless (literally) Trailblazers on his back. But unfortunately for him, that's not what we're looking for today.

We're now at looking at the Under Appreciated, and before you say "But isn't that the same thing?", well there is a small discrepancy. Think about the greatest musical artists ever. Lets say it's Michael Jackson or The Beatles. How about Stevie Wonder? There's always that one guy that's under appreciated that has the same credentials, then say "Oh, I forgot about him!"

We'll show you Part One today.

20. Mike Bibby

Although Bibby is a shell of his former self, his days with the Sacramento Kings is the reason why he is on this list. He was a warrior, always came through in the clutch, and he gave the team leadership and consistent play that nearly put them over the top. Together with Chris Webber and Peja Stojakovic, they made the once hapless Kings relevant again. 

That SHOULD be enough to an All Star Bid!

19. Marcus Camby

He did this on a daily basis
The former Rookie of the Year, Two Time All-Defensive Team and Defensive Player of the Year, Marcus Camby is the definition of a defensive anchor who has been the patrolling the paint for years. He truly doesn't get the recognition he deserves, not playing in the All Star Game even once (though similar players like Dikembe Mutombo and Ben Wallace are multiple All Stars.) A player ranking in the Top 15 in blocks all time and defensively played consistent throughout his whole career should be getting at least a little bit of love?

18. Joe Johnson

120 Million is a lot of money...
The smoothest player in the game today not named Carmelo Anthony, he's a 5 time All Star and even an All Star starter, yet people outside the basketball world don't even know his name. I put him low on the list however, because he just signed that ridiculous contract, and his production dipped since last year. Come on Joe, earn that paycheck!

17. Charles Oakley

If Patrick Ewing was the face of the Knicks franchise, then Charles Oakley was the heart and soul. Even I'll have to admit, I felt guilty putting Oak on this list because it was kind of a reach. (I'm a huge fan of the 90's Knicks) However, the more you see his impact on this team, the more including him started to make sense. He was tough. He was gritty. He was an Enforcer, making sure no one tried to step on his teammates, and he always made sure there was no easy baskets. And yes, even though he loved to run his mouth (and I'm sure no one would try to stop it), he would lead by example; diving for lose balls, making the hard foul, or even getting in the face of the other team, if need be.Though the Knicks had players like Ewing, John Starks, Anthony Mason, and Mark Jackson, whom which were very important to the team, no one epitomized the Knicks more than Oakley, and I think the basketball world should recognize that.

The team no one wanted to face in the 90's. Oakley was one of the leaders.

So there you have it, part one. Next entry, we'll have a player 75% percent of you haven't heard of, and some players that could really handle the rock. Please give me some feedback for some ideas or ways to make TOR better. A Million Thanks!

Please get your gear ready for Part Two soon!

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  1. I know there's more in the countdown but please tell me there's Kevin Willis or Glen Rice coming up! - kuya rus


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